EaseUS Todo Backup Review

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  While many of us do everything we can to protect our systems and our data there inevitably comes a time when circumstances, due to changes in technology, equipment failure, or even momentary lapses in judgment can result in partial or even catastrophic losses in critical business or personal data. For those without a systematic backup regimen in place this…

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China Confirms the Value of Internet Security for Virulent Forces

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A Chinese official, who is in charge in organizing the Internet, made a statement that Beijing should strengthen its internet security because the “overseas hostile forces” are utilizing the internet to “attack, slander, and spread rumors,” the state media said last Sunday. The deputy director of the China National Internet Information Office, Wang Xiujun, said that political security is essential,…

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Serious Attacks on WordPress Sites Can Create Scary Botnets

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Several security analysts have discovered a continuous attack that utilizes a large number of computers across the Internet to command servers that operate on a blogging application powered by WordPress. The people who are behind the serious attacks are still unknown. These people have used more than 90,000 IP addresses to brute-force crack the administrative references of exposed WordPress systems,…

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Experts Turn Table as They Use Heartbleed to Catch Hackers

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The anti-malware experts now have the advantage over the Heartbleed bug because they can access forums where hackers meet. With this, they will easily know how to prevent virus from spreading. They will know how to prevent things from getting worse. Since they have the access to almost all the information that they are talking about, they can easily counteract…

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