Adobe CS5 bugfixes (print problems)

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Adobe recently acknowledged a print-related bug affecting some users of Adobe Creative Suite two applications, Photoshop: When you click the Printer Settings button, nothing happens; the Printer dialog does not appear. The Adobe support article implies that the bug is restricted to Epson printers and occurs only in the event you have selected Printer Manages Color in Adobe Photoshop`s Print dialog box (which I think is the default option). According to Apple, the symptom is most likely to appear in the event you have changed printers by the Printer pop-up menu.

While the exact symptom will never affect the bulk of Mac users, the solution is worth knowing because it will solve a wider array of printer issues.

Assuming you are jogging Snow Leopard, Adobe offers potential solutions.

If the program is already updated or updating has no effect, the second solution is to remove the printer from the list in the Print & Fax Process Preferences pane. Next, Adobe says to go to /Library/Printers & delete the whole EPSON folder. Now reinstall the printer driver program (& Common Updater if needed) followed by re-adding the printer in Print & Fax.

First, make sure you are using the latest Epson printer drivers (in case you often use Mac OS X`s Program Update, you ought to already be all right here). Additionally, install Epson`s Common Updater 7.0. This adds Mac OS X 10.6 support to the currently installed Mac driver, but (if I understand the convoluted logic on Epson`s web-site) is only needed for a number of its printers, such as the Epson Stylus Pro 3800 & 3880.

Personally, I would first check the effect of deleting & re-adding the printer in Print & Fax, before bothering with the more arduous task of deleting & re-installing the driver program. It seems that, after updating driver program, you may occasionally require to delete & re-add a printer to get the Mac to correctly work with the driver program. For example, I had a controversy with a communications error popping up when trying to print to my Canon inkjet printer. Deleting & re-adding the printer in Print & Fax eliminated the symptom.

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