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This distribution of Backtrack for windows is focused towards auditing the strength and security of computer networks, specially the Wi-Fi connections and their passwords, be them WEP or WPA as well as assault any kind of communication with the purporse of testing its security.

BackTrack for windows is a LiveDVD that will permit the user to assault and audit any technique.

download backtrack for windows

To try to penetrate in to any network, BackTrack for windows includes over 300 tools among which they will find from sniffers to keyloggers or tools taken directly from the computer hacking world: dnsmap, Netmask, PsTools, TCtrace, Nmap, Protos, Cisco vulnerability detection tools, SQL Inject, SMB-NAT, Pirana, Dsniff, Hydra, Sing, WebCrack, Wireshark, NSCX, Airsnort, aircrack, SNORT, Hexedit… practically no attacking tools have been left out of this program.

Requirements: This application (backtrack for windows) is in ISO format, and due to this you will must burn it on a disc or virtualize it in case you require to launch the application.

The truth is that by launching this LiveDVD, installing it on a hard drive or making a LiveUSB, BackTrack for windows is of the distributions that is having most success among computer security professionals due to how complete it is, and to the quantity of manuals and program that it includes.

You can get the backtrack for windows download here.

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