Iomega Zip driver package (IomegaWare 4.0.2)

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Applies to:
Zip, Jaz, USB PocketZip (Clik!), HipZip, FotoShow, Peerless

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP

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Get iomega zip driver.


The Iomega zip drive package (IomegaWare) contains drivers for Zip, Jaz, USB PocketZip (Clik!), HipZip, FotoShow and Peerless drives. It features:
Drive management
Integration In to The Operating Process: identifiable icons are visible within your desktop.
The IomegaWare installer has been re-designed to be smaller and take up less space on your hard drive.
CopyDisk: Iomega CopyDisk replaces the default CopyDisk utility present in Windows and adds support for Iomega drives.
Security: IomegaWare lets you set different levels of security protection for your Iomega disks.
The CopyMachine functionality has now been integrated in to the Windows OS with new versions of IomegaWare. You can now duplicate your Iomega disks by right-clicking on the drive in My Computer or the Explorer window and selecting “CopyDisk” from the menu. It is also fast and simple to catalog your floppies to Iomega disks by using this application.

In addition to drivers and tools for your Iomega drive, earlier versions of IomegaWare contained applications (Iomega Backup, RecordIt, QuikSync, etc.) that helped you manage your important information. These applications have been removed from the latest version of the Iomega zip driver package.

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