Restoration Data Recovery 3.2 (freeware download)

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Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Brian Kato

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Information recovery can be a difficult method. One of the largest issues can be when you need to run information recovery program on your PC & have not already installed the program. By installing the recovery program, there is a small chance you may destroy the files you are trying to undelete from your hard drive. The best practice is to put in the information recovery gizmo on a different drive – but what about situations where this is impossible? That is why the information recovery program, Restoration, can be a lifesaver. It is small – at 0.2MB, it is around five per-cent the size of most information recovery program. As a bonus, you needn’t install or pay for it (Restoration information recovery program is freeware). Basically download the file directly to a floppy disk (assuming you have one on your PC), flash USB or outside drive & run it. Pick the drive where you think the files can be found & Restoration will list all the files & information it can recover. Next, select the files you require to undelete (you can use the Ctrl & Shift options on your keyboard to select multiple files). Finally, click on the ‘Restore by Copying’ button, select a location & your file recovery ought to be complete.
Tips – save the recovered information files onto the flash USB or outside drive. This way you can check that you undeleted all the files you wanted without accidentally over-writing the information on the hard disk.
In case you don’t have access to an outside drive, the small size of this program can help minimise information destroy to unrecovered files. An alternative is to have someone else burn a CD for you. The information recovery program can be run from a CD or DVD without needing to put in it.

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