Samsung Galaxy S3 stores passwords in plain text

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Samsung Galaxy S3, currently one of the most well-known mobile phones on the market, saves passwords in simply plain text.

Samsung Galaxy S3 stores passwords in plain text

The main cause is actually Samsung’s S-Memo app, and all the passwords saved in it can be utilized by anyone who has root access to the product.

Normally, that would mean only its proprietor, but since some customers root their gadgets in order to personalize their smartphone experience as they see fit, the passwords in the app can be seen by anyone who has actual access to the product.

The fact was found by a XDA Recognized Developer and Forum Moderator, after he poked his own rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 device once and found that the app’s SQLite file included his Google password in plaintext structure.

Almost all of customers don’t hassle with rooting their mobile phones, so they are secure for the moment. Still, the S-Memo app should secure passwords saved in it, and I’m sure we can anticipate an upgrade that will fix the weeknesses soon.

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