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How to find the right patch for you.

The software patches that are to be found on this site have been sorted according to the type of application to which they are intended. For example, to download a patch for a game, click the Games button. If  you don’t find the software patches you are looking for listed on our website please send us an email and we will be happy to add it to our database.

Note: not all application companies release patches for download, so it may be worthwhile contacting the seller or registering your product in case you cannot find what you need.

software patches

How can you describe the software patches?
While most patches are free to download, ultimately the developer will decide which versions of their program will be updated free (older releases of a program usually get fewer updates). In some cases, only registered users may get definite upgrades, & at other times the only way to upgrade is to buy the newer version at a reduced upgrade cost (& requiring a reinstallation of the program). Usually, a patch can be installed over the top of an existing program, but again this will be contingent on the supplier & the nature of the patch. Unless otherwise said, patches & updates on this site are for PCs using English language settings.

The software patches can be an upgrade (adding increased features), a bug fix, a new hardware driver or update to address new issues such as security or stability issues.

I am safe if I download software patches from here?

When adding new downloads to this site, the files are checked for safety. But don’t take our word for it, companies such as Google will give you detailed, unbiased check results for any site: click here to see Google’s document about www.securitynet.org regarding software patches.