To wireless or not to wireless (that is the internet question)

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How would you like to get rid of the wires that pop up in your way. Well, for start how about loosing the internet cable? The wireless technology provides benefits both for the final users and the it technicians. Flexibility, mobility and low maintenance costs are the strong points of wireless networking. When using wlan`s you can move around without the hassles that a cable plugged in a wall gives. The flexibility of a wlan is provided by the fact that a lot of devices can connect to the network, handheld PC`s, mobile phones, laptops, point of sale terminals, pda`s and more.

The costs involved in implementation and upkeeping of wireless technology is directly dependant to the infrastructure of the wlan. Let`s say we have two buildings that are 2,500 feet apart. In this case we need a minimum of two acces points that are priced from $100 to $2,000. This might seem a little bit expensive, however, a T1 cable line would cost even more. Think about the following : you wire the entire building, and after 3 years you move. The money spent on wiring are thrown out the window. But when using wireless networking you can “move” the network along.
The initial cost for a wireless network are a little bigger then the traditional one but the real savings come with the costs of maintaining that are significantly smaller and with the hassle-free adding, moving or changing the network. Also, the costs with the administrative personal are lower when talking about wireless networks, as they require less “running”.

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